The Importance of Mouthguards at Preventing Dental Trauma in Sports

Athlete with sports mouthguard

There are absolutely no doubts about the fact that an individual’s health and well-being are some of the most valuable assets they can have control and ownership of. Unfortunately, there are many different factors that can put a detriment on such factors in one’s life. Athletes are a group of people that are prone to having their health and well-being tested on a day-to-day basis. Athletes are required to engage themselves in intense and rigorous training, sometimes very intense bouts of competition (depending on the sport), demanding schedules filled with constant movement from one activity to another and much more.

Therefore, athletes are a group of people that are most prone to experiencing debilitating injuries, ailments and other types of health problems. An athletes should always protect themselves at all costs as it can have an effect on their longevity in the sport(s) they are associated with.

There are many pieces of equipment and uniform options an athlete can choose to implement into their wardrobe. Many of the equipment can be deemed as being near useless, however, there are several options that can truly be considered as being products of blessings. Perhaps one of these important pieces of equipment is the mouthguard.

Any sport that requires its athletes to protect their mouth with the wearing of a mouthguard may be a bit frightening. However, the mouthguard shouldn’t necessarily be seen as something to protect oneself from inevitable injuries that may occur all throughout their match. Instead, a mouthguard can be seen as being a form of insurance. It insures one’s teeth from becoming loosened, chipped, or even bumped in a hard manner due to the contact that is involved in one’s respective sport.

Mouthguards do more than simply protecting one’s teeth when using them. Mouthguards can also prevent head injuries in many different sports. A great majority of head injuries and trauma are caused from the mouth. Once there is contact made within the premises of one’s mouth, it is highly possible for the trauma to travel to the rest of the head.

The mouthguard works as a protector to weaken the impact that is made on one’s entire head, not just the mouth. One cannot forget to mention that a mouthguard can also prevent one’s teeth from getting bent out of shape. Many people will spend thousands of dollars on attaining braces or any other form of dental treatment. The mouthguard is a smart investment as it can protect the investment(s) the individual has made in their mouth.

Mouthguards have often been looked at as being a bit “nerdy” in many sports. An individual may not feel too tough when wearing a mouthguard. They should know that their performance in their sport can tremendously increase by wearing a mouthguard. This effect is usually a driving force from not having to worry about their teeth getting impacted in a negative way. When the individual is aware of their mouth having a strong form of protection, they will have no problem putting forth 100% effort in their sport.

Nadia Kiderman DDS is a dentist and oral health specialist.

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