Nadia Kiderman – New York dentistry

Nadia Kiderman DDS is a true New Yorker, having participated in two externships in New York Hospitals. Dr. Kiderman practices on 50th Park Ave in New York. Since graduating in 1987 from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine she has done much for the New York Dentistry scene. During her externships, she helped children with reconstruction surgeries and congenital anomalies.

Nadia Kiderman was fortunate enough to have an externship at the Bellevue Hospital Center where she participated in maxillofacial surgery. Nadia Kiderman finished her
General Dentistry residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Kiderman has a great amount of knowledge in pediatric dentistry. She has an extensive blog post on how to approach a child’s first dentist visit.

Dr. Kiderman strongly encourages parents to talk to the child about their appointment prior to it. She stresses the importance of keeping a positive and upbeat attitude. In short, If you are positive and calm, the child will stay positive and calm. Dr. Kiderman recommends that the dentist familiarizes the child with the office and walk them around. In the blog post, she also recommended that the child’s dentist pretend to count their teeth to make them comfortable with opening their mouth. If every dentist approached children this way, it would most likely radically reduce the anxiety of dentist office visits.

Dr. Kiderman has also worked to connect medical professionals. She helped build and organize The Physicians Network Group, Where she held the position of Cheif Executive Officer.The Physicians Network Group focuses on producing high standards of care for patients in many areas of practice. The group has members ranging from hospitals and Long Term Care facilities to Physicians and discharge planners.
Dr. Kiderman has worked very hard to build and support positive growth in her field and others to care for people better. New Yorkers are privileged to have Dr. Kiderman in their City.

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