Dentistry in New York With Dr. Nadia Kiderman

Proper dental care plays a great role in bringing out the good looks.

Professional dental care is critical in ensuring one has a good dental health. Dental practitioners not only offer dental care services but also go out of their way to provide education on dental health.

The requirements for a licensed dentist in NYC include;
• Meet education requirements
• Must have completed training in the reporting and identification of child abuse which is offered by an approved city provider.
• Possess good moral character
• Be of 21 years of age or more
• Meet the examination requirements
• Have the required experience

The Office of Professions grants this license at their various branches at a fee of $377.

Dr. Nadia Kiderman is the founder of Nadia Kiderman DDS, a private professional practice. Her dental clinic is located at 50 Park Avenue in New York City. She deals with dental services of all kinds for both children and adult patients. Nadia’s training and experience are what makes her one of the top dentists in the city. She also has an interactive blog where she offers free advice on dental maintenance and proper dental practices. She advocates for regular flossing and brushing as well as a healthy diet for oral hygiene. Dr. Kiderman holds a DDS degree from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. She began her career while still a student through externships in two hospitals in New York. She joined Bellevue Hospital Center and was able to perform a rotation in maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Kiderman has also been involved a lot in reconstructive surgeries and congenital abnormalities in children. She also gained sufficient experience in trauma treatment at Bellevue. This is an assurance in her extensive training.

After the externship, Kiderman joined Long Island Jewish Medical Center to complete her residency in General Dentistry. She offered clinical care on a broad range of medical conditions. From here, she began private practice in cosmetic dentistry at her dental clinic and also formed the Physicians Network Group. Additionally, Nadia serves as the CEO of Physicians Network Group which partners with social workers, nursing facilities, physicians, discharge planners and other hospitals. Kiderman was greatly concerned about the need for easy access to quality health care which drove her to form this group to enable patients to receive high-quality services. She has previously worked at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center where she served patients with developmental disabilities.

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