Are Tongue Scrapers Effective at Improving Oral Hygiene?

Woman scraping her tongue

Tongue scrapers are a cheap any yet very useful tools to keep a person’s oral hygiene optimum. Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene practice that is very effective in removing bacteria, all toxic fungi, food debris as well as dead cells from the tongue’s surface.

When we sleep, the digestive system remains awake and it is very busy removing toxins from the body by depositing them on the surface of the tongue. If these toxins are not scrapped or brushed up, they get absorbed again into the body and end up causing bad breath, difficulties in respiration, digestives problems and worse still, an immune system whose complete functionality is compromised.

Research has adequately proven that tongue scrapers do a better job of removing bacteria and toxins from the tongue when compared to a toothbrush. Brushing and flossing the teeth just loosens and moves the debris around but does not remove them. Because more than half of the bacteria in the mouth live on or in the deep crevices of the tongue, they can only be effectively removed by using a tongue scraper.

Toxic tongue coatings vary in color depending on their toxicity levels. There are those that are whitish, yellowish, greenish as well as those that have a clear color. Below are reasons why everyone is supposed own a tongue scrapper for cleaning their tongue.

1. To reduce halitosis (bad breath)

Bad breath is one of the biggest contributors as to why many people have their self-esteem levels low. Because much of the bad breath comes from the bacteria that remains at the back of the tongue where toothbrushes seldom reach, tongue scraping can significantly reduce bacteria that forms on the crevices on the tongue. When the tongue is clean, chances of the mouth having a bad breath if the person adheres to strict oral hygiene are slim.

2. A scrapped tongue helps in a better experience with taste

A tongue that has a lot of toxic mucus does not have its tasting buds well exposed. Research has proven that for a person to have a good digestion experience, it has to start with taste as well as salivation. When the taste buds are blocked, it can also lead to someone having false cravings. A clean tongue also helps in better assimilation of food.

3. For immunity boosting purposes

Being on the first line of the immunity system’s defense, a clean tongue stops toxins from being absorbed by the body which in return improves the body’s overall immunity.

4. Improves on the overall dental health

Scrapping the tongue off any toxins helps a great deal in improving on the mouth’s overall health. Cases of plague build-up, loss of teeth as well as decaying are significantly reduced. Toxic fungi which are what tongue scrapping fights each time gives every harmful bacterium a home in the mouth.

5. Improves on the body’s digestive health

Proper digestion is considered one of the strongest pillars of the body having optimal health. Because digestion begins with taste, it is imperative that any foreign bacteria and toxins are removed. A clean tongue also produces the needed amounts of saliva that also plays an integral role of keeping the mouth clean and healthy.

Dr. Nadia Kiderman is an oral health specialist from New York City.

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